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David Scowsill,
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Madrid to host WTTC Global Summit in 2015

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) announces that it will hold its 15th Global Summit in Madrid, Spain, in April 2015. The Global Summit, which is the biggest annual gathering of Travel & Tourism leaders, will be held on 15-16 April 2015 and is to be hosted by Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo del Gobierno de España; Comunidad de Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid. The venue of the next Global Summit 2015 was presented today in Madrid, with the attendance of David Scowsill, President & CEO of WTTC, Isabel Borrego, Secretary of State of Tourism of the Government of Spain; Ignacio Gonzalez, President of Comunidad de Madrid and Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid. Scowsill said “The WTTC Global Summit is the most influential Travel & Tourism event of the year, bringing together around 700 leaders, to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our industry today. Travel & Tourism is a major generator of jobs and economic wealth globally, contributing 9% to global GDP and providing 1 in 11 of all jobs on the planet." READ MORE >>>

Our Priorities

Freedom to Travel

The right of people to travel safely, securely and efficiently across international borders.

We call on governments to adopt smarter visa and border security policies to promote Travel & Tourism as a driver of jobs and economic growth. It is time for a fundamental change in the minds of governments - balancing security needs with freedom to travel by moving away from the current approach to a faster implementation of visa waiver and trusted traveller programmes.

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Policies for Growth

Regulatory interventions which support the growth of Travel & Tourism through the creation of a competitive business environment.

Despite challenges to economic growth, the Travel & Tourism industry is still expected to be one of the world's fastest growing sectors. But it must have clear support from governments, if its full potential to create jobs, increase exports and stimulate investment is to be realised.

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Tourism for Tomorrow

Sustainable development of Travel & Tourism which ensures benefits for consumers, businesses, local people and the environment.

For there to be the opportunity for future generations to benefit from the experience of travel, we have to plan for the future: developing human resources, optimising relationships with host communities, protecting the environment, preserving tourism assets.

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