World Travel & Tourism Council

The Authority on World Travel & Tourism

Why conduct research?
Measuring the size and growth of the Travel & Tourism sector around the world is critical for an understanding of its economic contribution. WTTC strongly believes that is only with hard economic facts that messages in support of our industry can be heard.

What research does WTTC carry out?
Over the past 20 years, and along with research partner Oxford Economics, WTTC has produced comprehensive economic reports on an annual basis, with updates and special reports whenever required – to quantify, compare and forecast the economic impact of Travel & Tourism on 184 economies and 24 regions around the world.

What you will find on these Research pages:
• Annual economic impact reports at the global, regional and individual country levels
• Reports that benchmark the value and importance of the Travel & Tourism sector against other industries
• Topical and timely research reports on key issues in Travel & Tourism to help policy makers and governments