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Ten Knots Development Corporation/El Nido Resorts

Winner, Community Benefit Award

2013 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, Abu Dhabi

The Ten Knots Development Corporation and its El Nido Resorts has been the driving force behind sustainable development of El Nido Municipality on Palawan Island in the Philippines for more than two decades. It adopted a quadruple bottom line approach including Financial Profitability, Environmental Stewardship, Community Engagement, and Organisational Development, to improve local peoples’ livelihoods and promote sustainable tourism best practices. Their successes include the establishment of one of the most important marine protected areas in the country. Ten Knots El Nido Resorts continues to play a key role in sustainable development on Palawan, while demonstrating the power of tourism to address poverty alleviation and improve local livelihoods. “Our Company’s Quadruple Bottomline shows that our efforts in actively engaging the community is held in equal regard as financial profitability, environmental conservation, and employee development. Being named Finalist for Community Benefit is both a pat on the shoulder and a gentle but firm shove towards the right direction,” Mariglo Laririt, Director for Sustainability, Ten Knots Development Corporation.