Sustainable Travel & Tourism Partners 


The aim of the Sustainable Travel & Tourism Partners (STTP) initiative is to create a mass engagement around sustainability within the Travel & Tourism sector, the industry players and WTTC members. The objective is also to bring all Travel & Tourism companies that engage in significant sustainability efforts under the same umbrella to further increase sustainable practices within the sector, as well as to raise awareness of those practices and to record progress with consumers and governments. 

How will we achieve this?

  • First, to be a Sustainable Travel & Tourism Partner, the applicant will need to commit to being Climate Neutral by 2050. This is the first step of the initiative and is the common commitment for all future WTTC Sustainable Travel & Tourism Partners. 
  • Second, the Sustainable Travel & Tourism Partners programme will involve a three-stage recognition process, whereby the applicants will go through various stages of evaluation to assess their sustainability engagement and commit to make improvement where necessary. 

Levels of recognition

The STTP initiative is not an accreditation or certification programme. Rather, it is a global mark of recognition to identify the partners’ engagement and commitment to sustainability.

The initiative will have various levels of recognition: 

  • Basic level entry: for industry players who have an elementary level of engagement with sustainability, but need to commit to greater efforts to improve their practices. To be selected as an Sustainable Travel & Tourism Partner, the applicant will need to pass the STTP designed survey.  
  • Certification level: for partners who have already shown they have sustainability certification or accreditation from a highly recognised body i.e. GSTC, B-Corp, or Earth-check.
  • Best practice level: for partners that not only have been assessed by an accredited certification programme, but who are also operating at the highest level of sustainability in the sector. To be selected for this level, these Partners will need to go through a very rigorous judging process. 

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