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Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative

For years now, responsible businesses have been doing their very best to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. That's why the hotel sector has for some time been helping corporate clients comprehend the carbon impact of time spent in hotels - particularly for meetings, events and their associated hotel stays. During the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, when hotels “bid” for corporate clients events or meetings, the client often asks questions relating to potential carbon footprint for the event.

However, the challenge for the industry and the corporate client, is that there has been little if any consistency in the way in which different hotel companies report their carbon emissions. The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) was created to remedy this situation.

23 global leading hotel companies, at the instigation of WTTC and the International Tourism Partnership, and with the technical expertise of KPMG, have developed a common methodology: ‘HCMI’ for measuring and communicating carbon emissions. HCMI 1.0 was launched in June 2012, and HCMI 1.1, which includes refinements based on user feedback and developments in academic research, was released in June 2013.

The aim of HCMI is to align the hotel sector in how it reports carbon emissions, and develop a common language which will provide clarity to customers who would like to understand their carbon footprint. In turn helping the client achieve their own carbon reduction goals.

The methodology is public and can be requested through WTTC/ITP. Hotels of all shapes and sizes can use HCMI 1.1 to measure and report their property’s carbon emissions.

By filling in the form found on this page, WTTC/ITP will send you the following materials to get you started:

- HCMI 1.1 methodology and practical guide
- A HCMI tool kit which allows you to measure your property’s carbon emissions
- And a worked example of a fictitious hotel in California

We would welcome your feedback on HCMI and how it worked for you. Please click here to send us an email.

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